j_portrait_200_greyJonathan’s work deals with the strange and complex relationships that exist between object, written language and the body. Interested in how language can shape thoughts about an object and its context, his works often being inspired by the text’s narrative.


Recent works take their inspiration from the complexity of natural and unforced conversations. These works focus on manuscripts from recordings taken from friends in conversation. The works particularly highlight chit-chat; conversations where not much is said or divulged but focus on the throw away parts of the way we communicate. Rather than filtering the silences, irregularities and disfluencies in our speech the works aim to highlight them and create preciousness out of their existence.


For example the brooch Clyde Built:


‘In January 2013 somewhere in a flat in Glasgow, 5 people met and drank lots of wine. 18 dramatic discussions about nothing and no-one where recorded. Over lapping and endless, these interlocking conversations are 3 acts from 18.’


Jonathan uses advanced digital technologies in my work as well as using hand crafted skills and traditional metalworking techniques.


Jonathan works from his Studio in the centre of Glasgow, as well as lecturing at Glasgow School of Art since 2009. He exhibits internationally.